We went to court Monday morning and were granted full parental rights! We are now at the close of this adoption journey. We have been blessed beyond our wildest imaginations! God is too good to us; what a gift that we are parents of this beautiful little girl! We look forward to adopting again!



The termination hearing went well Monday, and the chancellor terminated the birth fathers rights. Only another adoptive parent understands the sadness coupled with joy when your adoptive child becomes legally yours. Adoption is wonderful, but it is born from the painful reality of a child separating from their birth family.
We met with our wonderful lawyer today. We signed our petition to adopt, and in 30 days we should receive a date for court. There we will take an oath before a judge, and N will legally become our child ! It will be as if she was born to us, which is such an awesome thought.
I am again gratefully reminded of how blessed me and my family have been because of adoption. When I look at my daughter I think of all the many faces who joined with us and made adoption a reality for us. I am forever grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


We meet with our attorney Friday morning. Hopefully we will leave with a date set for court!

I received news yesterday that the court hearing is scheduled for Monday May 9th! This is the termination hearing for birth fathers rights. During this hearing our social workers and agency will testify on our behalf that adoption is in N’s best interest. All of the post-placement follow-up they have done with us over the past 7 months wi be presented to the judge. We anticipate things to go well and for the birth fathers rights to be terminated during that hearing. This is the last piece we need in place so we can go to court ourselves and legally adopt N! We have felt like her family the past 7 months, but it will be nice for the courts to recognize that and make us an official family on paper.

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Moving on

Well, I heard back from our social worker today and no one showed at the default hearing last Friday. This means the courts will soon reschedule a date to terminate the birthfathers rights, then we will have the green light to go to court and legalize N’s adoption! I’ll post again when we know a date.

No news is good news??

The default hearing in court was yesterday. We have not heard anything from our social workers and have no idea if the birth father did or did not show. All we can assume for now is no news is good news until we know for sure. I’ll update once we know one way or the other.